Old ways for the future

Wilderness Living and Survival

Amy Schmidt Lead Instructor/Owner

Amy has created her own unique path for much of her life. For much of her childhood, she was referred to as an old soul, based on how she carried herself and overall maturity and outlook in life. After experiencing the beauty of nature, and the blessings of community life by having spent her summers and hunting seasons in Northern Wisconsin, a certain path had been set into motion. The belief that one can be very happy with few materials things but have the people that she loves surrounding her was shown to her and it called deeply to her. At 17, she started down her focused path on self sustainability, being guided initially by Carla Emerys Encyclopedia to Country Living.  From tanning her first deer hide, to hunting and fishing, learning plants, and how to live "off the land", she knew she found her way.

As an old soul, even at 17, she knew that she wanted to live this way, but not alone, but raise a family in this lifestyle. Deciding to get a degree in an area that would truly benefit her life, she chose to get a degree as a Natural Resource Technician. This gave her a wonderful academic foundation in plant identification, ecology, forestry, and wildlife management.

As her personal life changed and having a family after graduating college was not going to be happening, she decided to get more educated in earth sufficiency. Earth Sufficiency is knowing how to let the earth help you in surviving and thriving, not you conquering it. Her education as a Wilderness Guide gave her a once in a lifetime to spend 9 months living in tents, wigwams, earthlodges in northern Wisconsin learning bushcraft and tradtional primitive skills. Living a day to day life in this lifestyle resonated to a deeper calling and longing inside.

She has been apart of filming these skills for National Geographic, Picture Island Productions, and was cast in the History Channels ALONE: The Beast.

Here we are, over 20 years ago from the start to her adventure and living a truly human life. It has thrown Amy challenges and grief, but also the most treasured memories and happiness. Now she teaches her 5 children, husband, and anyone else crazy enough to walk with her. This has included Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, UW Eau Claire, Becoming an Outdoor Women Program, Great Lakes Traditional Arts Gathering, Lake Superior Traditional Ways Gathering, and through her previous business as Blue Hills Tipi Retreats.

As she will be forever on this path that calls inside her, even if she has to have a foot in both the modern and primitive (human) worlds, Old Soul Adventures in alive!
Old Soul Adventures : Wilderness Living and Survival Training

  • Birchwood Wisconsin, United States